Monday, December 1, 2014

Adam Carney, Presented Online

After reviewing my blogposts and thinking through my representation in class, on exams, quizzes, and papers, I have come to the conclusion that my verbal communication in class is most effective. When I am writing, I take on a different persona because I am able to tackle a prompt with more time rather than having to come up with something quickly. As a speaker, one becomes more natural when they have to convey information person to person. I am more of myself and express my opinions in a way that is in my language rather than a more formal language in writing.

Communication face to face ties into our class very much so because there is a huge stress on how verbal communication is in some sense being avoided because of new information technologies. Instant messaging and texting create new forms of communication, but in my mind the most effective and true form of communication for me is verbally. It is what humans have done for the longest and is still the most effective. I am able to truly convey who I am through speaking and be most effective speaking rather than any form of writing.

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