Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Course Reflection

I did a google search for hybrid classes and found that many universities are using this approach. I have also had personal experience with many different class types such as online, distance, hybrid, and flipped classroom both in high school and here at the UW. In high school I had both History and English classes that were hybrid. In these classes 2 or 3 class days a week would be replaced with online actives and discussion boards. These classes utilized technologies such as Moodle and GoogleDrive and the assignments were similar in a similar structure to the ones that we have had in this course. Here at the UW most of my blended classes have been flipped classroom courses. Flipped classroom is where students watch lectures outside of class and then during class they work on practice exercises, homework, and projects. This style of class is much different from my experience in 201.
Overall, I thought that this class did a good job of combining the online and in-person portions into one cohesive course. Most of the online assignments were interesting and added to my understanding of the course material and how it relates to my life. I did, however, enjoy the in-person portions of the class more than the online. I feel like having people physically together in the same room cannot be replicated by online environments. As such I think that Professors should be hesitant to push too much into the virtual world.
In general I thought that this course was interesting, engaging, and relevant. The course covered interesting topics that raised questions about my person online and technological activity as well as society's integration of technology.


  1. That is so cool that you had hybrid courses offered to you in high school, it must have been easier to understand and use the universities tools.

  2. So neat your high school used hybrid courses! I think it is important to learn early how to navigate the web. Though the web and other technological platforms can have their disadvantages, your experience with online activities will be impressive to future employers.

  3. I definitely agree that teachers shouldn't push the online learning environment because it can't replace our physical presence in classrooms. I think a lot of teachers see the online learning environment as the "hip" new way of doing things. I personally prefer in class lectures because it motivates me more to do work, but that's just a personal opinion.