Thursday, December 4, 2014

LIS Course Review

When Google searching "hybrid/blended courses", the first link that popped up was one from Oregon State University. The site was intended for future instructors of hybrid courses to learn how to properly teach and engage students with this style of learning. The OSU site provides a powerpoint giving helpful hints and describing what a hybrid course means to them. They mention how a course such as this is contains more than 50% online activities, which is quite similar to this course.
Reflecting on LIS 201: The Information Society, I do think that our online assignments coincided with the material learned in lecture, discussion, and through the readings. I did enjoy participating online because I feel that it gave us students more freedom to share our opinion without factual evidence like one would have to in a formal paper. And these online assignments got us to stretch the boundaries and apply the material learned to our own lives so we could see it firsthand. It was interesting to read of my classmates' opinions and experiences; through this, it opens up our minds to new ideas of the information society.
I do feel more comfortable working with blogs and wikis; before, I thought that I would never understand how to create my own webpage, but now, I realize that it is not as hard as it seems, and as mentioned before, they are spaces to express one's creativity and opinions. For this reason, UW-Madison could see benefits in academia, but then again I could only be speaking for myself. It is difficult to participate online all the time because there are instances when wifi is down, or a student's computer simply will not connect to the Internet, making it difficult to complete an assignment.
Online sources are not just for "tech-y" classes. For example, in the past, I have had a couple of classes in which we used McGraw-Hill Connect to complete homework assignments and quizzes. These are nice because today, we spend so much time on our computer already that it is easily accessible to do more assignments electronically.

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  1. I agree with you that online courses are not just "tech-y" classes. I also had experience in a couple classes that have online homework and quizzes. The online availability makes it easier to do the assignments anywhere there is internet connection. I think the online assignments really help me prepare better for class.