Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving Break

Over Thanksgiving break, I talked with my mom about how important email was to her. In her work, she receives at least one hundred emails on the daily. My mom first gained experience was in college back in the 1980s. From her experiences, she could not stop telling me how easy it is to use today. Not only is email and faster and more simply accessed now, but the amount of storage our inbox has in remarkable. Though email back in the 80s was not difficult to navigate, the ease and capacity of it today holds a drastic change. Also, email was not as held at such a high standard as it is today. Now, email is crucial to check with regards to classes and more urgent situations. For example, my mom was telling me how if she does not check her email every fifteen minutes or so, she could miss the mentioning of a cancelled meeting at work. All in all, though emails can clog up in inbox and take over her day, it is such an effective form of communication form that would not make her work possible in the job she possesses currently. I agree with her how important email is: it is a tool that gives us information quickly and professionally. Without it, much of our professional and educational lives would be much more difficult and not as portable.

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