Monday, December 8, 2014

LIS Hybrid Experience-Adam Carney

Through my online search of hybrid classes, I was able to find some very interesting classes that use the internet to compare different assignments. One class at UW-Milwaukee gave students the opportunity to work in groups on projects then post the project into a blog like discussion group. Students then were able to critique one another and give helpful feedback on each other's presentations. It is different from our class in the way that the projects are not individualized, yet they still have a blog to interact with each other on and give constructive criticism.

As for myself, I thought the online portion was a great addition to the class. Allowed for students to express their work in a modern and virtual way. I felt I was more effective in the physical world just because I was able to react to people naturally rather than having time to react online. Also, in class interactions definitely were more beneficial to me in getting to know other students because I truly value face to face contact. I now understand how blogs and online communities work better and it can only help me in the future. The use of online resources should steadily get used more and more. They are incorporated in all of my classes, but too much online interaction might not be beneficial to the student.

Throughout the class, I learned a lot about the development of the information society and how we were so simplistic and have evolved to much greater feats today. I appreciate how quick the internet works and do have an appreciation for its efficiency. Overall, the class was very beneficial and I learned a lot about internet interaction outside of social media such as Facebook, twitter, and many others.

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