Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Assignment

Over Thanksgiving break I talked to my Uncle about what information technology he uses most for his work as a farm and dairy inspector. He said that the most important technology he uses has recently become his cell phone because of how many older technologies it has replaced. Before he had a smart phone with internet access and a camera he would have to bring a camera, notepad, and many printed out documents with him to each inspection and it was a lot to carry around and keep track of which made it difficult to accurately and quickly document everything that needed to be documented. He used to have to spend a lot of time writing down all of his observations and checking them against various different sets of rules and regulations. After each inspection he would have to get the photos all developed and then attach them to his report physically and that would take a lot of time. Now that he has a smart phone with internet access and a camera these tasks have been made significantly simpler and quicker to execute. Now he only has to bring print outs of a few official documents and can have most storeyd digitally on his phone. He also can use the phone camera to record pictures and quickly attach them to his digital report with a word processing program on his phone. Instead of physically creaating reports he now is able to do it completely digitally while on-site and simply email the finished report. Thanks to smart phones his productiveness has increased drastically and he has more time to actually obersve and inspect the farms and dairies that he visits because he doesn't have to spend nearly as much time documenting while on-site.

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