Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving Break

Over thanksgiving I decided to talk to my dad about technologies role in his life. I knew that he would be the perfect person to talk about this with since he is always glued to his phone or computer checking emails. He even texts and emails when he's driving despite the fact he tells us never to do this. My dad talked about how checking his email constantly has become a necessity in his job. Phone calls used to be the main source of communication, and while these are still used for important conferences and meetings, email is the most commonly used for simple communication. After hearing my dad talk about how much is communicated through email and how often, it made me realize why he is glued to his iPhone and computer all the time. The advancement of online communication and technology in general has not only expanded society's social networks, but the work place as well. Even when people are not at work, they may be receiving work related communication that expands the workplace a great deal. I guess this can be seen in both a positive and negative light. We are all connected very well and this creates for great efficiency and networking possibilities; however, being too connected leaves no free space or time away from work, friends, school and constant bombardment of information. This definitely gave me a lot to think about and I found talking to him about this very interesting.

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