Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Course Reflection

            When I looked up other hybrid/blended courses online, many search results showed up.  The first university that I looked at was the College of Southern Maryland.  They describe the courses as classes where, “Students meet on campus according to the published schedule of classes then complete approximately half of the course instruction and/or activities online.” They have a vast variety of classes ranging from math to science, business to literature.  There were also many classes at Columbus State Community College where they described the classes similarly, as a course that requires real-time, face-to-face interactions, as well as activities online.  Specifically, for our LIS class, I feel that the hybrid course was very informative but also a little confusing at times.  I think that the online and in class portions defiantly connected with one another, and helped to enhance the learning process.  At times, however, it was hard to keep up with the many assignments assigned in class and online and where to find the instructions for each assignment.  Now, compared to at the beginning of this course, I feel that I have a better understanding of how to work online platforms such as wiki and blogger.  It would be beneficial for other UW professors to incorporate some portion of their class online due to the increase use of technology in not only free time, but educational life today.  These online course components worked well with this course since it’s main focus is the information society.  In other courses it may not flow as well but some incorporation of work online could be beneficial.  Since many topics we discussed in class revolve around changes happening today, I have used the ideas in my daily life.  

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