Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Course Review

When I googled hybrid/blended courses the first thing that came up was a list of hybrid courses offered by UW Milwaukee. On the home page for these courses they defined what exactly a hybrid course was, saying "In hybrid classes, a significant amount of the course learning activity has been moved online, making it possible to reduce the amount of time spent in the classroom. Traditional face-to-face instruction is reduced but not eliminated." The site listed several hybrid courses, ranging from nursing to anthropology classes. Similar to LIS 201, many of these courses consist of 2/3 face-to-face participation, and 1/3 online participation. LIS 201 was divided into three parts: lecture and discussion, both of which were face-to-face, and online activities made up the remainder of the course. 

When reflecting back on this course, I felt that I definitely benefited more from the face-to-face portion of the class. While I found the weekly blog posts and online activities to be helpful overall, I find that I personally learn better in a classroom environment where I am physically present with the instructor and my fellow classmates. However, as this class was mainly focused on information technology and the importance of online communities, I think that having an online portion of the class was both important and necessary. 

Overall, this course definitely made me have a new perspective on information technology and the online world that our society has become so consumed by. It was also fascinating to learn about the complexity of the internet and how it has evolved over time. 

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