Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Go Big Read - Jen Erickson

The Go Big Read event that I had attended was held on December 3. It was explained in the introduction of the event how the series of Go Big Read has revolved around the book, "I Am Malala" written by a young woman who advocates for equal education offered to male and female. To conclude the series, students from the courses, Communication Arts 100 and 181 spoke of experiences they've had or are passionate about, and discuss how it has shaped their values. Some of the topics spoken about were anti-bullying, advantages of freight trains, and how America needs to conserve more water. I thought that each speaker was very articulate and encapsulated their main ideas extremely well. Each argument was persuasive, and discussed with true emotion.
I am happy that I attended this event, regardless of it being an opportunity for extra credit. It is inspiring to see individuals your age who are working towards leadership and advocating for advances in society.

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