Monday, December 1, 2014

Online Presentation- Jacob Lorig

Throughout the semester in LIS 201, I have had an opportunity to present myself online in various ways (weekly blog posts, article analysis, powerpoint presentations, etc.). I believe that I have done a solid job of presenting myself online to my classmates throughout the semester.

I do, however, think that my online presentation sometimes differed from my in-class discussion presentation at times. One of my strengths is verbal communication, which helped me present my opinions and thoughts in an effective manner during discussion. It is sometimes difficult to precisely convey my thoughts in an online setting. That being said,I do think that I was able to get my points across in each of my online posts. As far as my work on exams, I was able to express my opinions and knowledge from online posts and apply it to the given questions on the test.

After reflecting on the semester in LIS 201 as a whole, I came to the conclusion that my self-presentation in discussion was the most effective of my actual voice and thoughts. Each week in discussion, I was able to not only share my own thoughts and opinions, but I also had the opportunity to respond to others' thoughts and opinions and initiate conversation about various topics. I believe that my online voice was strong, but my verbal communication in discussion best portrayed the knowledge I have gained in LIS 201.

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