Monday, December 1, 2014

Mason Neuman-Online Presentation

In LIS 201 this semester, there have been many ways for us to present ourselves and our ideas. We've had bog posts like this, in person discussions, responses in lecture, projects, and essays.  Each offers a different way for us to present our thoughts.

For me, I felt like I didn't present myself equally throughout all of the mediums.  I would say that my written communication tends to be stronger than my verbal communication.  I found that it was more difficult for me to present my ideas and thoughts in discussion than it may have been for others.  This is why I preferred the written assignments because it allowed me to more accurately represent myself throughout the semester.

This semester in LIS 201 has definitely helped me increase my skills in all aspects of communication, and that makes me happy because that was one of my goals coming into this class.  I think that having all of these different mediums for us to communicate over the semester was very effective.  It gave us many different points of view and really did a good job of combing everything.

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