Monday, December 8, 2014

Course Review

Although I wasn't able to find other courses that were as much as a "hybrid" course as LIS 201, I have had courses in the past that have blended online activities with in class lectures and discussions. For example, many of my classes are starting to use online websites as discussion boards and to post lectures or questions. Although I think this is very useful because it allows students to discuss the class outside of discussion, I think teachers should better coordinate what types of sites they use. For example, this year alone I have over five different websites I use for different classes. It is very hard to keep track of which website is used for what. I think this type of learning would be more efficient if there was a general type of website all teachers used. However, in this class I think this type of teaching is effective because students who don't normally like to participate or use their voice in class definitely feel more confident on the computer, so students share more. I think that is definitely true for me. I feel like I can express my ideas better while typing them, and also I can do this anytime of the day whenever I have a new thought on a topic. I really enjoyed this course, and I think it taught me a lot about the information society and its importance today.

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