Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Experience in the Course

From my online search, I found out that UW-Milwaukee offers a couple hybrid courses. Some of those examples are “Buy Me! Ads and Shopping in American Culture” and a graduate level course: “Advanced Nursing Practice Interventions”. Two thirds of the class meetings are face to face, while one third of the class meetings are online. LIS 201 also differs from those two courses because it lets the student explore into different types of tools such as blogs, wikis and create unique projects that require different types of skills besides just writing.

Looking back to the beginning of the semester, I definitely have learned a lot in LIS 201. It is an interesting class that is informative and provides me the opportunity to practice hands on learning. The online portions of the course connect with the in-person portions. It gives me the opportunity to apply and reflect what I have learned in lecture and encourages me to be more creative. Being a student today is really different due to the availability of the internet and the other technologies that support our education. Sometimes, I may need time to be able to adapt to the online tools with the course. But once I get used to them, they all becomes easier and fun to use. There are a lot of classes in UW-Madison that already have an online component. Most of them assign online homework with automatic grading through certain software. Some of them even have online exams and quizzes. I think UW professors should apply the appropriate online components in their classes to facilitate better learning outcomes. 

The substantive material from the lectures and readings on the information society bring a better perspective to my online experiences in my life. One of the most interesting thing I learned from the class is about the rapid development of information technology and their effects on the environment. From these issues, I understand that often times there is no black and white answer to a problem. There are important tradeoffs to consider and it is useful to achieve a sustainable balance.  

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  1. I found a course form UW-Milwaukee as well. It is interesting to see how they are able to incorporate such creative types of online classes into their education system. Maybe Madison could take a thing or two from Milwaukee.