Monday, December 1, 2014

Online Assignment Voice

While reading through my blog posts, I noticed that my voice on our blog is very similar in some ways to the voice that I use when writing emails and in others the voice that I use in papers. My blog posts are similar to my emails in their tone and formality. I did use contractions and some casual phrases, making the blog posts more casual than a paper, but not as casual as a conversation with friends. My blogs posts resembled my papers in that they were direct and to the point. I have a strong aversion to fluff and filler and try to state my arguments in a concise way. Sometimes I think this might come off as too direct, cold, and choppy. Something that I need to remembers is that another reader may not read my writing with the same intonation as I imagine it.  I need to be conscience of my sentence structure and word choice to best portray this voice. Overall, I think that the way that I presented myself through the online component of this class is similar to the way that I interact in discussion and more casual than my formal papers.

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