Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Assignment JD Keiles

Over the break I decided to interview my Dad about different technologies that impacted his work life. He talked a lot about how e-mails change the workplace a lot. After digging a little deeper I was able to come to the fact that he views his iPhone as his most important technological device of his career. He said that the iPhone allows him to connect with so many people across many different media platforms so quickly. He owns a marketing firm that specializes in having a big internet presence as part of a company's marketing plan. He says that with his iPhone he can use different applications to get real time updates about different companies website's activity. The conversation ended on the fact that his iPhone also allows him to check his e-mails wherever he is which is great for keeping in touch with different clients. He said that it does make the workplace more accessible but the problem with it is that he is always tied in. He said that this can make it seem stressful because he always has tens of e-mails just waiting to be answered right in his pocket even if he is trying to relax. Overall it was an interesting interview and it was cool seeing how something like the iPhone effects different generations than my own.

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