Wednesday, December 10, 2014

LIS Course Review

When doing an online search for hybrid/blended courses, I came across the UW-Milwaukee website. They described hybrid courses as those that were shying away from face-fo-face communication towards an online base for the class. However, similar to LIS 201, it mentioned that in person class was not fully eliminated. One example of a class on the UW-Milwaukee course is a class on advertising agency and the rising importance of online ads in the world. Similar to LIS 201 once again, the classes' main topic is one that has to do with the ever-growing use of online databases and information technology. The courses in general seem to match with LIS 201, with the online portion serving a vital purpose without taking away the importance of in class lecture and discussion.

As far as our class goes, I felt that the online and in class portions tended to blend well. Using the internet was essential in understanding the main objectives of the course. I actually felt that I was a more effective student in the physical world because I was able to more clearly convey my opinions and thoughts during the in-class discussion as opposed to the online blog and wiki posts. Building on that, aside from reading the online posts from my fellow students describing their backgrounds and lives, I learned more about their viewpoints during discussion. LIS 201 was helpful in guiding me to learn how to use certain online resources such as blogger and wiki, which I will absolutely continue to use in the future. I think that, in the future, UW professors should continue to use the internet in teaching their classes, while also being mindful of the importance of face-to-face interaction.

As a whole, LIS 201 made me do a significant amount of reflecting about my own online experiences and how I go about using the internet in my daily life. I think that using the internet in a course that is based on online interactions and information technology made me change the way I used it during the course. Finally, I think that using the internet in a course not about the online world of information would be less effective than it was in LIS 201.

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