Monday, December 1, 2014

Information Technology Discussion-Adam Carney

During Thanksgiving I was able to talk to my grandparents and my parents about the different technologies used and the different learning curves they incurred with the same information technology which was a computer. My Grandparents first learned to use the computer at work because when the computer became prevalent in the workplace, they had already been working for quite some time. They said it was very difficult and it was interesting to see how the younger generations were able to adapt to it more quickly. My Dad said it was easy for him to adapt to the computer while my mom had some difficulty. At first all of them agreed the computer made them less productive but that was due to the learning curve that comes with being introduced to a new information technology. After they got the hang of the computer, they all agreed it made work more efficient and the computer was able to handle some of the annoying responsibilities that used to be up to the employer. The computer made my Grandpa enjoy his job as accountant more because of the different functions that made him not have to compute as much data and my grandma, Dad, and Mom all agreed it made their jobs more organized instead of just having a file cabinet. It was interesting to hear all their stories and different experiences with technology. I wonder what new technology I will encounter in the future.

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