Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Blog post voice

Going back over the blog posts I've made this semester for the course, I feel like I've managed to do a decent job at conveying my arguments and observations. Quickly glancing through the posts, nothing immediately jumps out at me as too objectionable or wrong, and there were only relatively minor grammar mistakes. That said, I still see room for some improvement. My posts later in the semester seem to often be too brief, and could have used some more information or arguments to flesh them out.

Also, for kicks, I plugged in my blog posts to the "I Write Like" service, and apparently have a style most similar to Cory Doctorow, which actually isn't too surprising, since he covers a lot of information society topics in his writing, and writes things from a more technological perspective.

Compared to my voice and participation in discussion, I feel that the blog posts were a more effective way for me to communicate this semester. The discussions were useful for drawing conclusions that I otherwise wouldn't have come up with, but in the blog posts I felt that my arguments were clearer and more fully formed, simply due to the fact that I had more time to consider them. That said, the in person discussions were definitely a valuable addition and probably a "truer" representation of my thoughts and expressions.

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