Monday, December 1, 2014

Information Technology Conversation

Over Thanksgiving break, I had a conversation with my Dad about a sort of information technology he uses at work. Him and my Grandfather operate our family business, which is a road construction company in Illinois. He pointed out one key information technology that the company uses when attempting to acquire new equipment. There is a website that actually displays pieces of equipment in other states around the country when they are up for auction. When the auctions occur, there is a live voice overseeing and running the auction, while different users of the website are able to input their latest bid online. My Dad said that he has been using this technology for about fifteen years, and that it took some getting used to because of the competitive environment on the website. He mentioned that the website has allowed the company to save a lot of money on equipment, as they rarely have to purchase brand new equipment and rather buy certified used equipment off of the website. Auctions are constantly occurring on the website, and my Dad concluded by telling me that it has helped the company in many ways.


  1. It is interesting how both of the people we spoke to about this had trouble at first getting used to their information technology, but in the end they realized the extreme benefits of such tools. In the end, these tools ended up making things more efficient for them in the long run.

  2. This technology is so interesting and seems to be very beneficial to your dads company. It is surprising that this website has been around for so long!