Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Online blog self

It was very interesting to go through and look back at all my blog posts throughout the semester. I feel that I kept a pretty constant voice and tone throughout and shared my honest opinion in each post. It was very interesting to see how some posts were much shorter than others depending on when it was in the semester and how interested I was in the activity. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts in a blog post each week and reading others as well. I also enjoyed comments and was glad we had to do this because if we were not I feel like people may have not taken the time to read others posts. It is very cool to read people's post and get a feel for their personality based on their ideas and the way they write. It helped me to get to know them better beyond the classroom. I feel that I was consistent in my voicing of opinions in both discussion and my blog posts. However, it is hard to judge myself when I haven't been listening to myself talk in discussion all semester like the students in my discussion have. I enjoyed blog posting weekly, but in the end I got more out of the weekly discussions. It was interesting to read people's blog posts and ideas, but it was more interesting to me to hear their ideas and be able to think about them and discuss them on the spot with a class full of thinking people.

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