Monday, December 8, 2014

Course Review

I found a hybrid course I am required to take as a business student here in Madison. General Business 301 is a business law class that is three credits with an online lecture and a 50 minute discussion section. It is interesting that the class has online lectures, it probably is set up like this because the content is better suited for an online lecture.

Reviewing the class over the semester I found that the online components connected well with the in-person lectures and discussions. It provided an alternative method to fully understand the content of the class with an opportunity to learn about content that relates to our interests. Many of the assignments gave a database to find a video or article to choose. This allowed me to be creative with the course and find ways to comprehend the material and integrate it with content that interests me. Compared to the offline components of the class, it was effective in a different manner than that of the lectures and discussions. Offline components of the class gave me a more direct understanding of the material. The readings provided examples of the lecture material to demonstrate a better understanding and that helped make lecture material clear.

The class did provide me with a broader prospective of the information society and showed that there is a lot more to the internet. It makes me think more about how I use the internet and how my usage can impact other users. I also learned that there are many channels of information than the internet and print media. The class shows that information is always around us and in a immeasurable volume and that there are several factors to consider in evaluating the information presented to us.

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